Wireless Ordering

Advanced and professional systems designed for effective ordering.

Professional wireless system makes ordering procedure more effective.

PDA/ Android OS Based Mobile Ordering

Supports both professional wireless terminal or Android OS based mobile devices


  • Supports various kinds of wireless terminals professional wireless PDA and Android based smartphone etc.
  • No network cable required for wireless terminal to connect to the system.
  • Touch screen operation - easy to use without intensive training.
  • Instant order taking right in front of customers; convenient and effective.


Reducing equipment cost

Supports to use popular Android based smartphone as ordeing terminals and thus saves your cost on equipment investment.

Increasing efficiency and turning more tables

No need to take order by paper but using wireless terminal. The orders will be sent to kitchen and bar immediately. It speeds up the operation and turns more tables.

Enhancing customer service quality

Saves time to run around the dining area and order station. Hence, more time to stay at dining area to serve customers. Improving service quality results in higher customer satisfaction.

Higher efficiency + better service = greater revenue

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