Self Ordering Kiosk

Saving Manpower and Enhancing Customer Service!

With Seito Self Ordering Kiosk System, customers can order their food either for dining in or taking away by themselves. More than that, they can use e-payment mode to settle the bill simply and quickly. Apart from diverting customers who are queuing to order at cashier counters, overall manpower and labour cost can also be dramatically reduced.


  • User friendly design; attractive item photos and information for easy ordering
  • Supports dine-in or take-away option, customers can self order and pay at the ordering kiosk
  • Supports different e-payment modes such as Octopus, Alipay and WeChat Pay
  • Shows promotional photos and offers to up-sell customers and encourage impulse ordering
  • With self ordering kiosk, fewer staff are needed at cashier counters and thus staff can be allocated to other operation areas


Improves operation efficiency and minimises customer loss rate by providing an alternative quick and convenient service

Saves customers' time in queuing at cashier counters and greatly increases daily transaction count

Accurate and fast e-payment minimises payment time and money changing mistakes

Stimulates sales by providing cross and up-selling opportunities

Reduces overall manpower needs and thus saves your cost

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