Our latest V8.1 provides you the most powerful functions and features to improve operation efficiency. Flexible and professional design makes Seito the ideal POS solution for all kinds of food service operation such as quick service, casual dining and fine dining restaurants.

Based in Hong Kong, Seito Systems Limited develops and markets one stop store solutions to the hospitality, food service and retail industries.

Seito provides Chain Store Management Function to efficiently manage food menu and sales data of all branches in headquarter. Seito also has diagnostic monitoring function to monitor the status of system equipment and software. It may save administrative effort and time by having fast and simple monitoring procedure on the system.


  • Provides setting page for queuing information
  • Supports Android based equipment
  • Able to setup up to 6 different queuing groups
  • Self service queuing tag printing by customers
  • Supports to check queuing status by mobile phone
  • Keeps getting queuing tags at restaurant as basic operation
  • Able to connect TV to show queuing status and promotional videos and messages


  • Easy to use and convenient to update information
  • Uses more light equipment to save cost and setup space
  • More flexible to setup different queuing groups for operation need
  • Improves queuing service efficiency
  • Allows customers to leave for a while and not to miss seating arrangement
  • Minimises the situation of affecting efficiency by many to show customers who are using mobile app to get queuing tags freely
  • Better arrangement and efficiency on customer queuing and stimulates instant spending with promotional information

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